Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Star cast: Will Saif-Kareena or Shahid-Vidya last longer?

Kareena  kapoor
It was a thing of the past when Kareena and Shahid were caught kissing when a paparozzo dude shot their video. However the kissing is now replaced by the tattoo love, seen on Saif’s hands.

Kareena dumped Shahid, and much before the new love story caught people’s attention, it made rockstar Saif etch this love story forever on his own left hand.

However the question, which couple is in for celebration and which for a heart brake?

Bejan Daruwala, the famous astrologer has all the answers. "Saif is very handsome and he's conscious of his long nose,’ says he. However, while most of us would think that Saif’s dashing looks are likely to prompt Kareena to do something stupid while she is madly in love, the astrologer has a different story to tell. "The problem is that people who are born in September are highly intelligent,” says Bejan Daruwala.

So it is up to Saif to do all those silly things people do, when they're in love. If the tattoo wasn’t getting enough attention, Saif may do something more to prove his love.

Amidst all these antics the one question for Mr Daruwala is whether this relationship will last?

"I don’t know about this relationship lasting. But while it does, it will be a lot of fun." 2009 is the deciding factor and if they can get through, they will make it,” says Bejan Daruwala.

While Saif and Kareena seem to be having a ball, Shahid seems to be drowned in gloom. However, it seems that love soon blew him over in the form of Vidya Balan.

While speculation continues about Shahid-Vidya relationship, Bejan Daruwala has the final word and says, “Shahid and Vidya have a better chance".

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Will Saif Marry Kareena?

Will Saif Marry Kareena?

Will Saif -Kareena Marry?

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