Sunday, November 16, 2008

Loudmouth Kareena Kapoor at it again

Kareena Kapoor
- No one can accuse Kareena Kapoor of being modest. Earlier this week the Kapoor loudmouth alluded to herself as a superstar and now she is going around calling herself Bollywood's best actress.

When Kareena was asked if her commitments to her career and Saif were ever at odds, she said, "There's no comparison between the two. When I'm working, I'm working. And when I'm with him (Saif), I'm all there."

Going totally out of context she added, "Besides, Saif is a superstar himself. He's so busy."

Suggesting that both she and Saif Ali Khan were superstars. That is about as subtle as Kareena can ever get!

Speaking about her Hollywood projects Kareena told IANS:

"I have been offered one project but I am actually very happy doing Indian films. Its tough to do a Hollywood film - I mean the language and stuff, I can't put on an accent."

She then cheekily added, "I would rather be the best here than go there."

Kareena Kapoor is undoubtedly a fine actress if not a modest one, but she is certainly not the finest with talents such as Kajol, Rani Mukerji, Vidya Balan and Tabu to contend with.

Before Jab We Met (2007) her last hit was Omkara (2006) and before that Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001).

Being a loud mouth has its advantages. For example, something that Kareena will never need is a PR.

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Will Saif Marry Kareena?

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